Maltitol syrups and its beneficial applications

Maltitol syrup is a sugar substitute obtained from maltitol which is a sugar alcohol. Maltitol is widely used in sugar-free, low-carbohydrate products like candy, nutrition bars and diet snacks. In terms of mouth feel, taste and interaction with various ingredients Maltitol is very much similar to real sugar and is capable of producing equal sweetness though it carries only a fraction of carbs in sugar. A big advantage of maltitol is it does not contribute to decay of tooth. Maltitol syrup comes with a glycemic index of 52, whereas, Maltitol powder has a glycemic index of 36.

Applications of maltitol syrup:

  • Maltitol syrup is commonly used in low-carbohydrate food recommended for dieters. Maltitol syrup diabetes is used by those suffering from diabetes and need to keep their intake of sugar down. Maltitol syrup as a sugar substitute is quite popular, contains comparatively low carbohydrates than real sugar and has lesser effect on blood glucose. While one gram of real sugar provides four calories, the number of calories from each gram of maltitol is two to three.
  • Maltitol is used in producing sugarless hard candies, sweets, baked goods, chocolates, ice cream, and chewing gum. In the pharmaceutical industry maltitol is used as a low-calorie sweetening agent. Maltitol has similar characteristics of sugar and therefore, it is used in syrups aiding to less crystallisation and thus preventing bottle caps from sticking up. Maltitol is also used as an emollient, as a humectant and as a plasticiser in gelatin capsules.
  • Maltitol syrup is used in various pudding applications. Maltitol is a polyol; this disaccharide has approximately 90% of the sweetness of sucrose and contains fewer calories. In the sugar-free and calorie-reduced products Maltitol is widely used providing the benefits of texture, bulk and preservative. Maltitol is an ideal sugar substitute for weight management and dental health. The added advantage of maltitol syrup sugar is it is cheaper than crystalline maltitol.
  • Maltitol syrup is the right replacement for sugar in various applications including candy, gums, chocolate, desserts, jellies, pudding, and many others that contain some water. The use of Maltitol syrup is also found in some chewy confectionery applications. It has the advantage of distributed molecular weight and extends the shelf life of products by controlling moisture. Crystalline maltitol is used in baking applications.
  • Maltitol syrup is a preferred choice for the manufacturers because it helps in cost and labour savings, reduces waste and adds to convenience. Maltitol offers a sugar-free, low-calorie alternative to real sugar to the food and beverage manufacturers. It provides excellent functionality and workability. Being almost identical to sucrose in sweetness and solubility, Maltitol brings the same taste, texture and mouthfeel in finished products.
  • When sugar alcohol and carbs is a big factor, Maltitol has some carbs but it does not get absorbed like other carbs and the amount of absorbed carb is also negligible. Maltitol syrup atkins are acceptable to eat and regulated consumption has no negative effective effects on body. The highly purified product contains no trace of maltitol syrup gluten.

Maltitol syrup is commonly found in low carbohydrate diet recipes. Foods prepared with Maltitol taste just like those made with real sugar. Low Carb Maltitol syrup is thick and rich and a better choice for cooking and baking than other artificial sweeteners.